September 04, 2005

Great Indian Laughter Challenge

Hello, long time no blog. Want to let you know about a TV program which is getting popular week-after-week. Its the great Indian Laughter challenge andis aired on Star ONE channel. SUNIL PAL, QURESHI are the participants to watch. The local cable video operators also have started airing the same. Its great to watch these artists perform. Even Jonny Lever, the great comedian, joining to laugh, clap and thus applaud the participants. Watch this program which is aired every Friday at 10:00pm.

July 28, 2005

Rains Rains Rains

A warm-dry fresh morning admist the heavy downpouring rains going for days together! Reached the office wetless. But thinking of the ever-live Mumbai which was cut-off for almost 3 days from its regular-life-supplies, like the local trains, Domestic necessities like milk vegetables which shot in the prices like 2-3 times. People stranded in the offices for two days. With record breaking rains (very high rains as compared to Cherapunji) the Airports were closed for 2 continuous days as seen on the various television channels. For today as well Mumbai will be off the sensex as the Financial-Commercial institutions would remain closed. The transportation and electricity though have resumed partially, to ease of the rain-grasped-mumbai.
Worst are the cases in Raigad, Akola and many more places in Maharashtra which are still remote to the technology-reach.
The rains are the worst in past 100 years, media qoutes.

July 27, 2005

My first blog on this blog ;).
Sudeep: this time i have taken care of the addresses to suit my grey memory cells.

Its been raining hard since a couple of days as everybody from people to the technology is busy recording the events. Indeed Mother Nature does seems showering more her love on Maharashtra. The incidences at Gurgaon added up to the "NEWS" this week.